Hormone crosstalk during sexual vs apomictic development

How do phytohormones interact to establish and control reproductive cell fate during plant reproduction ?




WP5 is dedicated to research and training, mainly through the implementation of a total of 28 secondment-months. It addresses two main questions: (a) How do auxin and cytokinin signaling coordinate MMC cell fate and female gametophyte development in sexual vs apomictic Paspalum notatum, and (b) which one of the differentially expressed identified genes has a role in the specification of sexual vs apomictic MMC cell fate?


D5.1: Biosensors analysis for AUX and CK signaling during the first stages of ovule development in P. notatum.
D5.2: Quantification of AUX and CK levels in sexual and apomictic ovules.
D5.3: List of Arabidopsis mutants affected in AUX and/or CK pathways and defective in MMC fate.
D5.4: Ploidy analysis of the obtained mutants with apomictic phenotypes.
D5.5: CRISP/cas9 genome editing in maize/rice.

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